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Relocating Your Koi Safely

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Fish, such as the Koi, often live to be older than 30 years of age and can have medical issues just like any other pet. Koi may have to visit the veterinarian if they appear sick or injured. You may also need to change your ponds location or gather your fish if a weather emergency […]

Pond Filtration and Your Koi

May 15, 2010 by  
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Proper filtration is extremely important for your Koi pond, it is the first thing you must get right in order to have a healthy pond and healthy fish. Koi can be very sensitive to the water in which they live. You must choose a quality water filtration system in order to provide a healthy place […]

Provide Your Koi a Nutritious Diet

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Owners find Koi very beautiful and love watching their antics. Hand Koi feeding is something you can train your Koi to do. At feeding times many Koi will gather at the edge of the pond because they recognize the owner who feeds them. Koi will relieve human boredom and many find their Koi to be […]

Quality Care for Your Koi

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One of the most popular fresh-water pond fish, the Koi, can be found in millions of ponds in the world. They are popular fish because they come in a variety of colors and live long lives. Another reason the Koi is a popular choice is because Koi care is straight forward and easy to carry […]