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Purchasing Koi for Your Pond

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You will find that Koi are named after their color.

Koi were produced after breeding Carp from different countries. It took many years of breeding to produce Koi based on the color desired. Koi can come in over a 1000 different color combinations. Popular colors include yellow, orange, white, blue, red, or black. When you combine the color with the amazing amount of patterns available, you have endless choices. You will find that when looking to purchase a Koi you will find they are named after their color.

You can find Koi in many countries. Japan, Israel, and states like Nevada and California produce a lot of the Koi supply. You can purchase your Koi from the local pet supply store, sometime they are in stock, but most often, you will need to place an order in order to buy your Koi. If you are thinking of breeding, your Koi then you will want to find a local breeder or pond store so you can choose your Koi, but ordering Koi from the local pet store is fine if you are setting up a pond.

Do not buy your Koi fish before your pond is complete. When you purchase your Koi, their size will be determined by the size of your water garden pond. If you overstock your pond, you may cause your Koi to become unhealthy or die. It is best to talk to a water garden dealer as they can advise you on how many fish are appropriate for your pond.

One reason why you must be cautious about the size of your Koi you chose for you pond is that Koi grow to a specific size. Most fish grow in proportion to their tank, but Koi continue to grow until they reach the size they were breed to be. In addition, think about your future fish purchase, if you plan to add fish to your pond don’t choose Koi that will grow too large.

Children will love becoming involved with the care and feeding of your Koi. You do not need to worry about your Koi becoming aggressive, as they are none-aggressive fish. They do not bite, so this should encourage you to train your fish to eat from your hand. Koi is a great pet for families with children because they do not bite, and are not aggressive.

In the beginning, your Koi may be skittish or shy; this is typical of any animal. The fish’s instincts will instruct them to be afraid of you, but with training and loving care, they will quickly become social with your family. Take time to develop trust with your Koi so you can enjoy them during care and especially feeding times.

One caution to take with Koi is their diet. They are omnivores so they eat both animals and plants. They are not very picky eaters so if it falls in the pond they will consume the prey. This means you and your family need to be very cautious with their diet.

Koi Personality
Koi have a variety of personalities, so keep this in mind while choosing your Koi. They can be very social and you can train your Koi. Spending time with your new Koi fish is important. The more time you spend with your new fish the more you will recognize their individual characteristics, traits, and personalities.

As you prepare to purchase your Koi keep in mind, they can live many years, some into the 100-year range. Take time to investigate your breeder, choose fish that are healthy and exhibit pleasant personalities. Following these guidelines will ensure you have a pleasant water garden experience.

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