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Popular Black Koi Species

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Black Koi attract and pull owners because of their ability to change colors.

Koi can be found in many different colors or patterns. Koi are different just because of their coloring not because they are of a different variety. A Black Koi is just one color you can choose.

Many Koi live between 25 and 35 years, so be prepared for their future. You may find you fish lives beyond 35 years and might live past 100 years of age. Because of their popularity, anywhere you travel in the world, you will find a variety of Koi in outdoor ponds.

Japanese breeders started with only two color of Koi. As the Koi were breed using scientific methods, many different patterns and colors started to emerge.

Males will have a concave anal section on their underside. You can also identify males because of breeding spots on their heads. Don’t be surprised to find your fish have spawned over 1000 eggs. The temperature of the water will determine when your baby Koi will hatch. Usually it will be within 4 to 7 days of fertilization. These black baby Koi are called fry. Color of the Koi will start to appear sometime between week 3 and 12 after they are born.

Black Koi are often 36 inches in length, and need very large ponds in which to grow and be healthy. Black Koi is part of the Magoi Koi species. If you notice, your Koi appears bronze if they are out of the water, do not be alarmed, they will appear black when looking at them through the water, but often be a dark bronze color. Large and long Koi are highly popular, so Magoi blood has been introduced to breeding programs so that these characteristics can be passed onto other Koi varieties.

The Karasu, a black Koi, means crow in Japanese. Karasu is an old species of Koi. You will find this type of Koi has black fins and a black body. You may find this species also produces Koi with a white or orange underside.

Your Koi’s color can change as the color is affected by his or her diet. If you notice, your fish has become duller or brighter in color it is due to the diet. Matsukawabake Koi has the ability to change color. You will find white areas on this black Koi’s body. Water temperature can also cause the Koi to change colors completely. Often this Koi will turn either completely white or black. If your Koi changes color, check their diet and water temperature so that you can adjust these things and allow your Koi to return to its original color.

Another species of Black Koi is the Kumonryu, which was introduced in the 1980’s. The Kumonryu name means dragon fish. It was given its name because it reminded the breeders of dragon bodies found in ancient paintings. These fish have also been described as a dragon moving up through the clouds. The Matsukawabake can also change color.

The many colors of Koi are often what pull a pond owner into becoming Koi owners. Black Koi also pull owners in because of their ability to change colors. If this is the type of fish you are interested in you will find great joy in adjusting the fishes diet and water temperature so you have the perfect color Koi.

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