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Pond Filtration and Your Koi

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Weekly chemical testing of your pond water is a requirement.

Proper filtration is extremely important for your Koi pond, it is the first thing you must get right in order to have a healthy pond and healthy fish. Koi can be very sensitive to the water in which they live. You must choose a quality water filtration system in order to provide a healthy place for your Koi to live.

Keeping your pond in balance is important. First, you will need to find a filter, which deals with the bacteria in the pond. It is the job of the filter to remove the waste that the Koi produce. Many people do not think of a filter for their pond because they do not see them in large ponds or lakes. However, large ponds or lakes do not need filters because the volume of the pond, sands and currents do the filtering. When the Koi are kept in a contained environment, waste cannot be removed naturally so a filter is necessary.

Make sure your filter also has a mechanical function. Mechanical means that gravity and the flow of the water drag the solid waste out of the Koi’s pond filtering it as it pasts over the filter. Particles trapped in the filter will be eliminated when the pond owner cleans and maintains the Koi filter system.

Biologic filtration utilizes bacteria, which break down toxic waste. These toxic wastes are ammonia and nitrates. Large amounts of Nitrates and a high ph level will harm your Koi. Bacteria will filter the waste, which lower the levels of both nitrates and ammonia.

A Koi filter must be used in conjunction with a pump. The pump forces the water through the filter, so the water can be cleaned. You also need a pump because a pond is too large to handle the circulation of water on its own. The pumps job is to push the water through the filter and circulate the water in the Koi pond.

Waterfalls and fountains are other items one might add to the pond to help to filtrate the pond. Fish must have a constant supply of oxygen. Fountains or waterfalls help add oxygen into the water by constantly aerate also called stirring the water.

In order to know if your Koi filter system is working weekly chemical testing of the pond water is necessary. There are two ways to do this. You can test the water yourself by either purchasing test kits from your local fish store or taking your water to the fish store where they will often test it for you for a small fee. Keeping the chemicals in the pond at the levels they should be will provide your Koi a pleasant place to live.

As with any other pet, you will have maintenance to conduct on your Koi pond. Koi ponds will take minimal time to maintain, but be aware you will need to devote time weekly for their upkeep. Koi ponds are a rewarding hobby that takes minimal time when set up and filtered correctly.

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