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Plants and Your Koi Pond

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The right plants will help fight algae and weeds in your pond.

Your water garden construction is now completed. It is time to pick the plants and flowers you want to put in and around your pond.

Plants will beautify your garden, but they are also very important for the biological health of your garden and the pond. When you add plant life to your water garden you are setting up a food chain that will maintain the life of many insects, the Koi and animals that live naturally around water.

Your climate will determine what plant life to put around your garden. Research is vital or you might choose plants that won’t survive in the conditions you plant them in. The best place to start is at a water garden nursery, as they will have many ideas for you to choose from regarding plants and flowers.

Lotus Plants
A water garden should have some form of Lotus. Water gardens are made for the Lotus plant, not only is the plant beautiful it develops a theme for your garden.

The eye catching Lotus blooms and wonderful smell will draw you and your guest to the pond. In order to thrive your Lotus will need to live in temperatures above 65° F, so make sure you bring them in the winter if your temperatures fall below this mark. A greenhouse may be a way to solve your temperature problems, by providing a nice place for your water plants during the winter.

You need to place your Lotus plants in full sunshine. Lotus like to be buried deep, up to 3 feet, so consider this if you might have to move your plants in the winter time.

Water Hyacinths
Water Hyacinths are the perfect pond flower for the gardener who doesn’t have time or doesn’t want to be as involved with caring for the plants. Caring for the water hyacinths is simple, so, many people love adding this plant to the garden. They do not require any type of soil or planting, you simply throw them into the water. Make sure to anchor your water hyacinth so it doesn’t float around.

People also add this plant to the pond because they are functional. These plants help you fight algae and weeds in your water garden.

Use these plants sparingly because they will over run the garden if you are not careful. This plant will spread like firecrackers, as they are very invasive. If these plants are near fences, you may find they grow over the fence and into the neighbor’s yard. They can be very hard to eradicate.

Functional Plants
Plants you cannot see in your pond are very important. Functional plants help the pond stay healthy and the animal life do what they need in the pond. These are the plants you need so the water will be oxygenated, the Koi will have food, and the algae will be kept at bay.

The plants you need for your pond can be found at many local pet stores or Koi dealers. These plants need little care after being put in the pond, which is a great thing for the pond owner. Even though you may not see the plant, or see its beauty, it will provide benefits you cannot replace with chemicals or other means.

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