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Supplies to Keep Your Koi Safe

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Koi supplies are easily found in many pet stores, online or in a farm and garden supply.

Koi fish are some of the most beautiful and colorful pond fish. To keep Koi requires at least a basic knowledge of fish, outdoor ponds and that a few essential supplies are kept on hand.

The first item you will want to incorporate into your pond is a pond fountain. A fountain will give your yard a tranquil feeling. Fountains not only drown out unwanted noise, they stir the water, which is the easiest way to put oxygen back into the water, which is important for the health of your fish.

Owners will also need to install a filter in their pond that is designed to maintain the quality of the water. Pond water can collect many harmful pollutants, so a filter is necessary when you have an outdoor fishpond. Water must be filtered and the only way this can happen is to keep the water moving, the solution is to install a pump. In order to keep your pond healthy you must have a pump. A waterfall or fountain is a great addition to the pond, but should not be considered as a replacement for the pump. However, they are not strong enough to help with the purification of the fishpond on their own, so you must include a filter.

Some Koi supplies are not used daily but need to be kept on hand. A dechlorinator must be used if you replace or add tap water to your pond. It is essential to eliminating harmful chemicals from the tap water. The pH level and the Nitrate level of the water should be checked on a weekly basis. Pond owners do this by using test kits that are available in any pet supply store. Keep pond salt or baking soda with your other pond supplies. These items can be used to regulate the pH and nitrate levels if your test reveals the levels are off.

Koi can become victims to foxes, cats, or raccoons. The fish’s vibrant color often attracts these predators. Your fish can be kept safe from these predators if your pond is designed right. First, keep the water level deep will help prevent Herons from wading and feeding in the pond. An overhang is another good way to prevent predators from reaching the water. A tree can prevent air born predators from seeing your pond. Adding a net over the pond will also help ensure your Koi are kept safe. These nets also help with debris from entering the pond. These are just a few suggestions to help keep predators from the fishpond.

Koi supplies would not be complete if you did not have a variety of foods on hand. Offer your Koi snacks or treats, and you might find you have them eating from the palm of your hand. The kind of Koi supplies you will need to have on hand is the first thing to consider when starting your pond. These Koi supplies are easily found in many pet stores, online or in a farm and garden supply. You will have to put some effort into finding these supplies and fish care in order to keep your Koi healthy and gorgeous.

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