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Provide Your Koi a Nutritious Diet

May 15, 2010 by  
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Koi feeding should be a combination of protein, fats, fiber and minerals and vitamins.

Owners find Koi very beautiful and love watching their antics. Hand Koi feeding is something you can train your Koi to do. At feeding times many Koi will gather at the edge of the pond because they recognize the owner who feeds them. Koi will relieve human boredom and many find their Koi to be stress relievers.

Koi are omnivores. This means they eat both meat and plants. As the temperatures rise in the spring and summer so does the Koi’s appetite. Making sure you have a quality diet for your Koi is very important during the summer. Koi feeding happens by the fish eating plants, other insects or fish in their pond as well as pellets from their owners.

Koi eat anything that floats by and fits in to their mouth, so they are considered opportunistic. Remember that your fish will also eat the plants in your pond, which can be frustrating for you as the owner. Koi also like to eat insects, snails, and worms. You might consider adding these items into your Koi feeding program. Koi will often pull themselves out of the water in order to get a treat such as an acorn or grass that has fallen near the pond.

It is easy to provide your Koi with a variety of foods, so make sure you keep the fish’s diet rich and varied. Fruits such as watermelons or vegetables such as peas can be used as a treat for your fish. Koi feeding should be a combination of protein, fats, fiber and minerals and vitamins. Pellet food is the perfect solution for making sure your feeding program provides the Koi with a quality and nutritious diet.

Pellets will float on the surface so the fish will eat from the surface of the water. Use your feeding time to interact with your fish, observe them for health problems, and check that your pond is safe and secure. It is always important to check that your fish are injury free and healthy. Providing a healthy diet for you Koi will produce Koi with vibrant colors.

As winter approaches you will find the Koi need less food, this is because his or her digestive system has slowed. You can stop your Koi feeding program during the winter. Koi will feed on algae during winter months if they are in need of food. If you feed them, you are running the risk of your fish becoming sick from food not digesting.

Your Koi have large appetites. Feeding them should not be very stressful. Just make sure you are providing enough food for the number of fish in the pond. You will find that feeding your fish is very relaxing. Often owners discover that their Koi have unique personalities and the fish really love the interaction they have with their owners. A balanced Koi feeding program is all you need to provide, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the entertainment your Koi will offer you at each feeding time.

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