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How to Prevent Heron Theft

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Provide as many hiding places as possible for your Koi.

Herons, although beautiful and majestic, they have one flaw. Herons love Koi, and a Koi pond is the perfect feeding ground.

When seeing a Heron in your yard you may be delighted and not think about it being a danger to your Koi. Herons will be 2 to 3 feet tall and have a large wingspan. You may actually find the Heron quite graceful until your see them take off with one of your Koi.

Often times Herons will be the thief if you notice you’re missing fish. Your Koi may also appear with physical wounds from the Heron. When a Heron tries to catch a Koi but doesn’t get a good grip a hole may occur. You may also find Koi laying in the yard around the pond because the Heron dropped the food when flying away. The Heron cannot be completely stopped from taking your fish, but there are a few things you can try.

Herons learn quickly so you may have to find several ways to protect your Koi from the stealing birds.

One thing to try is to add a fake Heron to your garden. The fake Heron will help stop other Herons from landing in the area. This detouring method will not work during mating season. Mating season has started if you notice Herons landing in the yard around the plastic Heron you’ve put there.

Finding a piece of equipment that makes the Heron uncomfortable is one consideration. Herons often find ways around the discomfort and being stealing the fish again.

To protect your Koi you must watch out for them. Reducing the presence of the Heron can occur by doing a few simple things.

First, change your routine. Herons will learn your feeding patterns, so keep them guessing. Catching the Heron in the act will happen if you visit the pond frequently during the day. If you work and are unable to get to the pond frequently during the day have a friend help you by asking them to stop by as often as they can. Older children will enjoy making visits to the pond; just make sure they are safe and trustworthy. Asking them to visit often will make them feel as though they are welcome to visit whenever they can.

Making a lot of noise is a good way to frighten the Heron away when he is stealing a fish. Scare the Heron by shouting or throwing things. The Heron will be less likely to return if they become scared when they visit.

Your Koi must have a place to hide. Your fish will hide when they get scared, so if you notice that it appears all of your Koi have been taken be aware it will take the fish sometime to come out of hiding. Limit the number of fish a Heron can take by providing many hiding places for the Koi. Even if your Koi hide from you, they will eventually come out once they realize it is you and not a predator.

Finally, if you pond is attacked do not restock right away. By waiting, you are making the Heron look for a new feeding ground, which will help you protect your new Kio from being eaten.

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