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Choosing Plants for Your Koi Garden

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Choose your plants wisely for your Koi garden.

Creating a Koi garden is a wonderful experience. There are several things to consider when you want to start a Koi garden. You will need to decide on the depth, the placement, and plants you want in your Koi garden before you begin building.

Koi gardening can be very rewarding. It is nice to walk out in to your garden and smell or look at ones plants, but when you walk to your pond you will immediately find that you begin to relax and calm at the end of your day. A healthy and thriving Koi pond involves creating the pond, choosing your Koi fish, and picking plants that can co-exist with your Koi.

The depth and size of the pond are extremely important. A pond that is deeper than 4 feet provides the Koi enough room to thrive and grow. Water depth will also provide the Koi protection from predators. Koi can grow to great lengths, so just as your plants need room to spread your Koi will need room to grow in length.

Think about your Koi garden needs, if you are going to add additional Koi later in your garden a larger pond allows you to add more Koi when you are ready and comfortable with Koi gardening. Now that you know the depth and size of your pond, consider where you will place your Koi garden.

The best place is out of direct sunlight. If you put your pond under trees, you will have more maintenance when the leaves begin to fall. Chemical and pesticides can harm your pond so make sure the area you chose is nowhere near where these run offs may occur. Remember this also includes lawn chemicals, which can destroy your Koi garden.

Unfortunately, plants and Koi fish do not work well together if you choose the wrong plants. Choose your plants wisely for your Koi garden. Potted plants can create a problem for not only you but also your Koi; they will destroy the plants and pots if you are not careful. They root through the soil, knock the plants over, and leave a mess in the pond. Wrap nets over the top of the pots to keep the fish from digging in them. You may also want to add gravel to the top of the plant so that the fish will not dig. Koi also like to eat the plants that are on the bottom of the pond. So think about adding plants that grow up and out of the pond to keep the munching at a minimum.

One choice of plant to consider is Lilies. There are many different varieties of Lilies to choose from. When you chose the plant check for the depth of water it will need to live and grow. Plants such as Lilies also offer shelter and shade for the Koi.

When considering your Koi garden make sure you have thought through and researched the plants you will need, the type of Koi to include and placement so your Koi garden will be beautiful for many years to come.

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