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Keeping A Clean Koi Pond

June 26, 2010 by  
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You Koi pond must be kept clean at all times. Keeping your Koi pond clean should be a task you need to complete daily. If you do not keep your pond clean, your Koi will live in a stressful environment and could possibly die. Remember the water is not only the place Koi live, but […]

Summer Koi Ponds

You will enjoy your Koi pond the most during the summer. The temperature is perfect for your Koi and for you to sit by the pond. However, maintained should continue during all months of the year. Keep in mind these few things in order to insure you have a perfect Koi pond during the summer. […]

Koi Pond Storm Preparation

May 20, 2010 by  
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All areas of the country encounter some type of severe weather. Preparing your Koi pond for major storms doesn’t have to be stressful. As we have seen with recent weather events, a plan may mean the difference between your pond being destroyed or saving your Koi’s lives. Smaller Storms Smaller storms may appear at any […]

Pond Filtration and Your Koi

May 15, 2010 by  
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Proper filtration is extremely important for your Koi pond, it is the first thing you must get right in order to have a healthy pond and healthy fish. Koi can be very sensitive to the water in which they live. You must choose a quality water filtration system in order to provide a healthy place […]