Thursday, April 22, 2021

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Hand Feeding Your Koi Hand Feeding Your Koi

Start hand feeding your Koi when you first get them. Koi are very interesting because they enjoy human contact, and have little fear of humans. Koi learn quickly that if you are not going to harm them that they want to get to know you as well, and if you are the one to feed them they are very trainable. Hand feeding your Koi can be fun and entertaining. Koi... [Read The Entire Article...]

How to Prevent Heron Theft How to Prevent Heron Theft

Provide as many hiding places as possible for your Koi. Herons, although beautiful and majestic, they have one flaw. Herons love Koi, and a Koi pond is the perfect feeding ground. When seeing a Heron in your yard you may be delighted and not think about it being a danger to your Koi. Herons will be 2 to 3 feet tall and have a large wingspan. You may... [Read The Entire Article...]

Summer Koi Ponds Summer Koi Ponds

Summer is the best time to relax and enjoy your Koi pond. You will enjoy your Koi pond the most during the summer. The temperature is perfect for your Koi and for you to sit by the pond. However, maintained should continue during all months of the year. Keep in mind these few things in order to insure you have a perfect Koi pond during the summer. Oxygen... [Read The Entire Article...]

Breeding Koi for Profit and Fun Breeding Koi for Profit and Fun

Buying high quality Koi parents will allow you to produce high quality Koi babies. Breeding Koi can be fun and profitable. Many Koi owners find the Koi hobby aqua culturing is a great pastime. Many hobbyist breed Koi so they produce colorful fish. The hobby of breeding Koi is different from raising and breeding other fish. Be willing to spend money,... [Read The Entire Article...]

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